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Lesley Neeley and Bonni Burrus have merged their businesses to create "Back To You Living Better". 

These ladies crossed paths many years into their massage careers. Bonni had recently married and was seriously considering retirement. Lesley had just come back to work after taking the summer off to do some writing.  Both ladies attended the Midwest Academy of Healing Arts a few years apart from one another. Both ladies have been self-employed the majority of their careers as therapists. And both ladies love helping new therapists learn about the benefits and hardships of becoming self-employed, like giving back to the community, client retention, etc.  Bonni's background was in education and Lesley's was in customer service.  It only made sense these two ladies would make a dynamic team when the time came for them to join forces.

In 2010, after going through physical and occupational rehabilitation from a pain condition, Lesley renamed her business Living Better Therapeutics. When she and Bonni decided to merge their businesses together, they wanted to find a way to honor both names.  After all, these ladies have been known in their community for 12 to 15 years. People recognized both names.  After much consideration, the name Back To You Living Better came into existence.

The business has grown to include two full-time and two part-time therapists. Bonni has since retired and is living with her husband in Florida during the winter months and comes home for the summer.  She helps out at the office when she is home and continues to own the original location at 407 N. Green Street in Brownsburg.  Lesley manages the business aspect and plans to stay on as a full time therapist for now.

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